About Us

Vulpith.com Vulpith.com is a cloud platform; for e-sourcing/freelancing of Professional Services that can be delivered on-line

Vulpith - The name has been derived by combining the words - Virtual and Pulpit (platform) i.e. a virtual platform which goes beyond e-sourcing/freelancing

Why another platform, despite 100's of others offering similar services?

  • What others do: Currently every other platform either matches clients & freelancers or goes a step ahead and tracks the number of hours put in by a freelancer for hourly projects.
  • Where are we headed: Since physical engagement is not necessary to get work done, the corporate world is moving towards remote teams to get things done. With the adoption of this concept of virtual workforce, contractual or permanent, the efficiency is going to shoot up. Due to this trend, we strongly believe that innovation and productivity should be the focal points rather than working spaces and the numbers they accommodate.
  • Present challenges: We observed huge gaps in using virtual teams, mainly related to protection of confidential data, delayed deliverables and often delayed payments from clients to freelancers in addition to eligible freelancers unable to get continued work and lack of clarity in resulting in reduced value for money for the clients.
  • Disruption of cloud technology: We intend to use cloud workspaces to help reduce overall costs of owning physical infrastructure, software and offer more reliability and the best cyber security than ever before. No other platform has ventured into this technology before.
  • Engaging the future: We recognize the present challenges in the freelancing industry and have tried to address them in a transparent manner which we believe will add a major boost to the freelancing/outsourcing industry. We realize that the world is fast moving towards a global workforce and we aid to hasten that transformation which would result in multiple benefits to all the stakeholders.

How we wish to hasten and facilitate this change?

  • We have created a compelling value proposition for both clients (service seekers) as well as vendors/freelancers (service providers) by addressing all the core issues and possible concerns which may emerge in future.
  • We have made most of the features on the platform free for all users.
  • We have provided various tools and process data like templates and checklists to facilitate informed interactions and transactions between seekers and providers
  • We have created value added services which can be subscribed to, by members based on their individual context and project complexity.

Our Vision & Mission

  • We visualize a world full of clients who are focusing on their core business idea to take the world ahead & professionals enjoying a fulfilling work & life, being part of the global virtual workforce, focusing solely on their skills and talent leaving the rest for Vulpith to manage.

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