About Us

Vulpith being the best outsourcing platform, offers both information security as well as escrow protection

Vulpith.com - Vulpith.com is a cloud platform; for e-sourcing/freelancing of Professional Services that can be delivered online

Vulpith - The name has been derived from the words - Virtual and Pulpit (platform) i.e. a virtual platform

Why did we evolve?

Present challenges: We observed major challenges in working virtually or remotely. For example, for Clients: protection of confidential data, delayed deliverables, curated freelancers/agencies, quality of deliverables and for Freelancers/Agencies: sometimes delayed payments from clients, unable to get continued work, lack of requirements clarity resulting in delayed deliverables, unaccounted efforts to name few.

Disruption of cloud technology: We recommend to use cloud workspaces to help reduce overall costs of owning physical infrastructure, software and offer more reliability and the best cybersecurity than ever before. Apart from the general benefits from cloud workspaces, our integrated cloud workspaces bring additional benefits to the Clients in data protection to some of their confidential projects, where the Client needs external talent. No other platform has ventured into this technology before.

Where is the Outsourcing/Freelancing heading to? : The physical engagement is minimising day by day to get the work done in the corporate world because of the current and future technological advancements, the corporate world is moving towards virtual and remote teams for better and faster results without any long-term burdens. With the adoption of this concept of the virtual workforce, contractual or permanent, the productivity and efficiency are going to shoot up. Due to this trend, we strongly believe that innovation and productivity should be the focal points rather than desks and number of employees the physical buildings accommodate.

Since the business/professional world is moving towards an external, talented, on-demand yet no strings attached workforce; we aid to hasten that transformation which would result in multiple benefits to all the stakeholders. Thus, we are committed to addressing the Outsourcing/Freelancing challenges as they come.

How we wish to hasten and facilitate this change?

Our Vision & Mission

We visualize a world full of clients who are focusing on their core business idea to take the world ahead & professionals enjoying a fulfilling work & life, being part of the global virtual workforce, focusing solely on their skills and talent leaving the rest for Vulpith to manage.


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