Assured Continuous Job

Its time to relax with Vulpith's Assured Continuous Job for qualified Freelancers

You, as a Freelancer/Professional was always worrying about continuous work, as the continuous flow of income for freelancer is a impossible reality.

Because of this, most of the Freelancers tend to accept more projects and suffer from work-life balance as well missing on time or quality delivery.

Now its time to relax!

At Vulpith, you need not worry about continuous job. Instead, we encourage you to focus on honing your skills and chilling with family and friends.

How Assured Continuous Job works?

Depends on your skill set, experience, and confidence, you allocate some number of hours for "Continuous Job". These hours are termed as Discounted Hours in Vulpith. Meaning for these Hours, the rates will be decided by Vulpith which are typically discounted rates as compared with your mentioned rates. Don't worry, these Discounted Hours are having a cap. For example, maximum of 80 hours per month. Thus, for remaining Hours your actual rate is applicable.

For these Discounted Hours, which you agree (Vulpith never forces anyone) with Vulpith, will be paid to you by Vulpith by giving the work to you. Even if Vulpith fails to give the work, then also you will be paid.

But, when Vulpith provides you the work for this Discounted Hours, and if you denied that work, as you may have other projects going on or whatever could be the reason, you will not be paid for such Discounted Hours and those discounted hours will lapse from your account for that month.

For you to be eligible for such payments, you must be a subscribed member. Subscribed members are eligible for more other benefits as well. Know more here.

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