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Features Pricing
Delivery Guarantee Click here to learn more 10% of Project cost
Advanced Data Protection Click here to learn more As per Cost by Integrated cloud workspaces
Access Background verified reports Click here to learn more As per Cost
Access to our in-house Account Managers who manage your Project As per Cost
No. of Projects can Post Unlimited
Proposals Receiving Limit Unlimited
Project Award Fee Free
Cancellation Fee Free
Opt out Fee Free
Arbitration Fee Free
Payment Gateway Charges As per Payment Gateway you choose
Email/Ticket Support Yes
Response Time for Email/Ticket Within 24 hrs Post Project & Sign Up

The client can sign up for free, post unlimited projects, receive proposals/bids for each project or request for proposal for each project, from Freelancers/Agencies, review their proposal, job profile and the portfolio. The amount mentioned in the project is an estimate only. While hiring, a client can mention the Awarded amount(Fixed/Hourly) and once the Freelancer/Agency accepts the project, the project is good to go.

Zero Project Award Fee :

If the client chooses to award the project, and the Freelancer accepts, Vulpith does not charge any fee.

Zero Opt-Out Fee :

Opt-out fee is zero in Vulpith. Still, a client can use Vulpith for free for non-protected projects.

Funds Loading Fee :

A fee is applicable when a client is loading funds against a milestone for the awarded project, so that freelancer/agency can start working on that milestone. This fee is a typical payment gateway charge which we incur on the client 's behalf.

Cancellation Charges & Refunds :

Zero Protection(Non-Escrow) Project : No cancellation Fee

Escrow(+ Data) Protected Project :
Before hiring Freelancer/Agency : No cancellation Fee
After hiring Freelancer/Agency :

  • If both Freelancer & You agrees for cancellation there will not be any charges applicable. Amount will be refunded to your account balance
  • If either party doesn't agree and a dispute is raised, We will charge 5% of project amount to the dispute loser. If the account balance has sufficient funds then it will be deducted automatically, otherwise the looser has to pay the accrued amount within 7 days. If it remains unpaid, it will be deducted from future earnings in the next 30 days. If the said amount remains pending on lapse of 30 days ,the loser's account will be suspended.
  • Delays by Freelancer: Delay penalty will be adjusted against the milestone. This will be credited to the freelancer's account
  • In case if the delays of caused are due to the client's delays and he/she raises a false claim of delay by the Freelancer/Agency, Freelancer/Agency has the right to raise dispute with evidence. If proven, the parked funds will be released to Freelancer (after deducting Vulpith Service fee)
  • Once the Cloud workspace is ordered it cannot, be canceled or downgraded. Alternatively, you may also request your Freelancer/Agency to order the Cloud Workspace on your behalf and they can raise a separate Invoice on you for the same

Note: We do not charge any fee for your projects. All add-on services are chargeable on actuals. Our fee includes all taxes and levies as per the law of the land.

Other Fees Applicable:

Membership Fee :

Users can register for FREE with Vulpith as a member i.e. Client or Freelancer/Agency.

Currently there is no explicit Membership Fee on the platform. Member can use the platform for to post/work on projects. There are three types of projects when it comes to fee. Zero Protection / Zero Fee projects are also called as Non-Escrow protected projects. And Escrow protected projects and Escrow + Data protected projects. Know more about projects here

Add-on Services :

At the time of ordering a service like Cloud workspace, Clients/Agencies must provide funds equivalent to the total service price. Once the order is placed and charges are paid, add-ons services cannot be canceled or transferred and charges paid for add-ons are non-refundable.

Arbitration Fee :

The arbitration fee for a milestone dispute is ? or 5 %, whichever is greater.

Our dispute resolution system is designed to allow both parties to resolve issues regarding milestone payments amongst themselves without arbitration.

After 4 days of a dispute being filed(or 7 days if the dispute is filed by the freelancer) either party may elect to move the dispute to paid arbitration. The other party will then have a further 4 days to agree to pay this fee and for both parties to submit any final evidence. If the other party fails to pay within time, they will lose the dispute.

The arbitration fee will then be refunded to the winner of the dispute.

Taxes :

When you are taking services as a Client OR earning income as a Freelancer/Agency, your local government taxes may apply, depending on your region. You are responsible to pay your taxes as per the law of the land.

Payment Gateway Charges :

As mentioned earlier in the Project Fee & Opt-out Fee sections, Vulpith does not charge any fee to the Client. However, Vulpith only passes on payment processing fee (charged by third party payment gateways) called as funds loading fee, on deposit of funds. These charges are directly incurred on your Debit/Credit card, Net Banking and any other means of doing transactions that we provide and have nothing to do with the platform. However, Vulpith continuously works with relevant financial institutions to bring down the processing fee to as low as possible.

For example if Client has to park ? against a milestone, and the payment gateway charge is 2.5% then he/she will be asked to pay 2.5% on 1025 which is around ? . On successful project delivery, Freelancer/Agency gets ? after deducting 10% as Vulpith Service Fee. Our service fee is including applicable GST.

Withdrawal Fee :

Vulpith does not charge any withdrawal fee for the Freelancer/Agency to withdraw from funds from their balance. However, Vulpith only passes on any fee incurred to process the payment (charged by third party payment gateways) as a withdrawal fee.

Currency Conversion Fee :

Our default currency is INR. When the member withdraws funds to his/her bank account in their local currency, the financial institutions may impose a currency conversion charge, which should be borne by the Member.

User Agreement :

The fees and charges summarized on this page are governed by the terms of the Vulpith Member/User Agreement and related site policies. The User Agreement includes other important terms and should be read in full.

* The fee mentioned here may change at any point of time and will be updated on the website. Your continuous use of the website is that you are agreeing to such changes

Note: Vulpith account balance is nothing but your refunds, referral bonuses, etc.., which you can use at any point of time. Since Vulpith account balance is not a money wallet, thus you can use these funds pay your freelancers using this balance or to purchase add-on services.

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