Cloud Workspace

What - Cloud Workspace?

Cloud Workspace is the virtualization of a personal computer or desktop. The renting of Virtual computer is also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

What are the general benefits of Cloud Workspace?

Cloud workspaces are a great way to save money, time and hassle. Imagine a company employee who needs to use a number of software applications ? these might run on different operating systems or have mutually exclusive requirements of the hardware. So instead of issuing multiple laptops to an employee ? you can issue them virtualized desktops that can be run through a browser. This can come in very handy especially when you need short term contractor/freelancer with varied software. Here are a few benefits of such cloud workspaces:

  • Reduction of Costs : A Company/Startup with limited capital and a handful of remote users (freelancers/remote employees/Service Providers) will benefit more from Cloud Work Spaces. They can provide organizations with a BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") policy resulting in significant cost and resource savings
  • Anytime, anywhere : Cloud Workspaces allow users to access their data anytime, anywhere, using any device. Files need no longer be stuck on a single computer
  • Ease of Collaboration : Saving and accessing files on the cloud enables everyone to work from the same master document (Versioning); if needed. Administrators can easily implement access and permission controls
  • Reduces Risk : Vulpith's Cloud Workspaces adds security by backing-up data off-site, decreasing the potential for hackers, viruses and myriad cyber-security issues
  • Improves Efficiency : After migrating to the cloud, companies no longer need worry about power requirements, space considerations or software updates
  • Availability : Cloud workspaces availability is faster often compared to laptops/desktops
  • Safe from viruses, malware etc : Recently, it was in the news that Cloud workspaces are safe and are have low vulnerability to viruses, malware, ransomware and other malicious attacks

Who need Cloud Workspace?

The following will benefit most from using our Cloud Workspace :

  • Those who need to access data anytime and anywhere, such as employees/freelancers who frequently work at home or while traveling
  • Those who want to stay constantly up-to-date with the latest software and features
  • Those who need a secure computing environment (such as companies handling sensitive data)
  • Those who regularly add or remove users as needed (such as organizations that work with contractors or temporary employees or freelancers)
  • Those who need a system with very little down time. Companies that require constant uptime would do well with our Cloud Workspace
  • Those who wants to reduce IT infrastructure and Software setup and costs and maintenance

How Vulpith's integrated Cloud Workspace works?

For Client

It protects the project data.
Freelancer cannot copy/download data from the integrated cloud workspace to his/her computer.
Freelancer cannot access any website over the internet other than
Apart from this, a time tracker will also be installed on the Freelancer's device, so that all activities can be tracked.
In order to ensure that your project data is safe and secure we have ensured that the freelancer will not be able to misuse the same. As a result, you will be the sole owner of your intellectual property thus ensuring double protection (Escrow for payment + cloud workspace for data).

For Freelancer/Agency

It safeguards your efforts and reduces your Software costs.
Client will not be able to copy/download data from the cloud workspace to his/her computer.
Client will not be able to access any website over the internet other than
To make sure that your efforts are protected and secure, we have ensured that the client will not be able to use the code / information until he/she releases the payment which we will be a double benefit (Escrow + cloud workspace = Efforts protection and reduced software/infra costs).

What are ways of accessing cloud workspace in Vulpith?  
Cloud workspaces can be accessed through the following options :

  • Through the Vulpith platform using in built access
  • Using Desktop Application
  • Using the internet through Web Access
  • Through Remote Desktop Application

Why to use our cloud workspace?

Apart from the protection of confidential data, payments and efforts, if a client of freelancer doesn't want to invest on infrastructure, software and maintenance; Vulpith's cloud workspaces are a better option as the overall TCO is very low as compared to owned infrastructure/software and data protection measures.

How to order Vulpith cloud workspace?

Cloud workspace (as an additional service) can be ordered on the Vulpith platform provided a project is escrow protected. Once the project is posted and a provider is hired, Vulpith cloud workspaces can be ordered for each such provider by selecting the required software.

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