Delivery Guarantee

Now your Project in our hands

There could be cases where your Service Provider leaves you in the middle of the mud. The reasons might vary from genuine issues like personal/family mishaps or incapable skills, knowledge and/or in experience. Whatever could be the reason, you will be affected in such cases and your project delivery will be in the soup.

How delivery guarantee works :

Vulpith maintains a highly skilled and experienced people in its pool to handle such projects on a need basis.

No extra charges for the pending work except i.e. our experts work on whatever the project budget is.

However, remember that we cannot guarantee the same time you have asked your Freelancer/Agency. Our assurance is in project delivery. But we will try to match the timeline.

When posting your project itself, you need to opt for this delivery assurance. We do due diligence for the scope, deliverables and project budget allocated and accept the project for assured delivery if these are reasonable. The assurance fee is 10% of your project fee. Like vehicle accidental insurance, this assurance fee protects you from project delivery mishaps. If we do not accept the assured delivery, we will refund that amount back to you.

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