Advanced Data Protection

Now your data is safe with Vulpith integrated Cloud workspaces

When you outsource your work to Service Providers (Freelancers/Agencies), they work on their personal computers to deliver your work. There could be cases you need to work with Global talent, but worrying about your data and confidentiality. So, you prefer not to outsource through online platforms.

Gone those days!

Now you can hire global talent even for such projects with highest data protection using Vulpith integrated cloud workspaces.

Service Providers who work on our integrated cloud workspaces cannot copy the data or open any URLs other than the specified (i.e. and some other provided by you if any).

When you are hiring our cloud workspaces, you can tell us what software you would like to use for the project and we will make the cloud workspace ready with that software.

You can use your existing licenses. In this case, there will not be any charges for Software.

In case, if the project requires any free licenses (like Visual Studio Express, SQL Server Express etc or open source zero-cost general licenses) then also you will not be charged for Software. However, if you need any licensed software from Vulpith, that will be charged as pay per use basis per day cost.

Apart from Software, you will need to pay One time Cloud Workspace setup costs and pay per use Cloud workspace costs.

All the above will be available in a simple click, as shown below :

Do you know Cloud workspaces are less prone to cyber-attacks? Click here to learn more.

So, there are plenty of reasons to move to Cloud Workspace for making life easier.

Any queries? Contact us and get them clarified before you buy Cloud Workspaces.

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