What is Vulpith.com?
Vulpith.com is a cloud platform; for e-sourcing of professional services where such services can be delivered on-line.

Vulpith enables Clients (Service Seekers) to e-source, screen and select Service Providers (Freelancers/Agencies/Remote Employees)on its platform.It enables Providers to work on these services within Vulpith's Private Virtual Workspace and deliver the same services to the requested Client in a secure environment and get paid.

Why Vulpith?
Vulpith is an end-to-end solution provider,meaning it is more than a traditional match making and time-tracking platform. Vulpith redefines the freelancing and outsourcing platform by providing most features for free which you typically pay for, on other platforms. It also enables freelancers and agencies to showcase their talent and clients to post their projects.The rest IT infrastructure, security, software etc. is managed by Vulpith.

Who are the people behind Vulpith?
Vulpith has been conceptualized and designed by industry veterans who have been using various freelancer platforms and their services.They have developed a firsthand understanding of the issues and opportunities and bring over 15 years of experience and ideas to build the best.

What types of projects are available on Vulpith?
Projects can either be billed on a fixed price or charged by hourly rates.

What is the fee charged by Vulpith?
Vulpith will only charge when you use platform for escrow protection or other value added services. Most features are provided for free. Also, tracking the project until delivery is FREE!

How does Vulpith make money, if the platform is free to use?
Vulpith provides various value added services which address the challenges faced by the freelancing industry. We believe that these services add a lot of value and more and more freelancers/agencies and clients would prefer using these value-added services for a small fee which defines our revenue model.

Can I invite my friends to Sign Up?
Please feel free to bring in as many friends as you wish. We have exciting referral credits credited to your account for every reference.To add, we will credit you with 1% of the transaction fee of the first project of your referral to you. You can use this credit against paying your transaction fee or buying value added services.

What are the community activities offered at Vulpith?
Vulpith aims at building a large community of freelancers who do what they love without compromising on their work-life balance. We believe that more and more employees world-over would turn to freelancing in the coming years. We have thus lined up many community engagement activities for our users.

How does Vulpith ensure quality?
Vulpith wants quality freelancers and quality projects on its platform for a win-win situation to all stakeholders. We have an on-line screening process for freelancers/agency teams.And also provide third-party background verification at various levels as an add-on service. Premium members are provided with advanced filters which can be set based on their needs to get the right quality matches. Apart from this, we always listen to our members and welcome their suggestions about quality, processes and other aspects to make Vulpith a truly member driven platform.

What are Escrow Protected Projects?
Escrow protected projects are projects that come with payment protection. However, this will also entail delay/quality penalties as specified by clients. The project may be needed to completed on Vulpith's Cloud workspace and, all payments should be done through the Vulpith.

What is the difference between Escrow Protection and Data Protection?
Escrow Protection: Protection against efforts of Freelancer/Agency and against payments of Client and protection of client against defaulting provider/agency.

Data Protection: Protect against misuse of data. You paid to Freelancer/Agency for your work and that cannot be used again for some other. You can achieve this using integrated cloud workspaces. On your downloading of data files pertaining to the project, the work space is shredded. We do not keep any copies or backups.

Do we have any other benefits of Cloud workspaces apart from data protection?
Apart from data protection, the integrated cloud work space also helps in reducing the IT infrastructure and Software cost thus reducing the total cost of ownership. This benefits the Freelancer/Agency as they only need to focus on their skills and talent, not on IT Infrastructure, software or its high initial costs or ongoing maintenance costs or cyber security as compared to in house computers. Just pay per use and relax!

How do I Sign Up?
Just click on the Sign Up button on the home page or Sign Up here

What is Vulpith account balance?
Vulpith account balance is nothing but your earnings, refunds, referral bonuses, etc.., which you can withdraw at any point of time to your bank account. The minimum withdrawal limit is INR 1000 or $ 25.

Can we use Vulpith account balance as a money wallet?
Vulpith account balance is not a money wallet. However, you can still pay your freelancers using this balance.

How do I create my profile?
After registering with your basic data, you will be sent an authentication link. Once you login using that, you will be able to create your job profiles.

How to present myself I have multiple skill sets? 
Vulpith allows you to have multiple Job Profiles matching your various skill sets. These job profiles can also have multiple associated portfolios.

Can I have my portfolio? 
Sure. Vulpith allows you to create multiple portfolios based on your skill sets and attach them to the relevant job profiles.

What happens when I find a project and send my proposal?
The client get your proposal, along with other proposals. He/ She will "short list" a few proposals and responds to further discussions. Once the proposal is finalized, client will send a Hire request. If you are selected the status in your dash board will change as "Awarded". You will be able to see the proposal status in your tabs. You can now review the final terms and accept, negotiate or reject the awarded project.

Can I provide feedback on the Client?
Yes you can. We would like Vulpith to be a transparent platform where we would like to identify and recognize the best freelancers as well as the best clients.

What are the main job categories?
There are multiple job categories based on industry trends and the jobs most frequently outsourced to freelancers. However, we are always adding new categories and wish to have a judicious mix of technical and professional services. Please feel free to let us know if a new job category needs to be added.

How do you ensure quality of projects?
Vulpith performs a basic due diligence on every registered client to ensure only the genuine projects are posted. We would be tracking the project performance and freelancer feedback to ensure that the project quality is maintained. If a client posts more non-quality projects, he/she may be either suspended for a temporary period or may be removed from platform.

How will the clients find me? 
Each project is posted along with the job category and skills required. These skills are mapped to job profiles and relevant freelancers are shown to the client.

Can I work as part of a team?
A team can be formed only by a Company/ Agency. A agency may engage your services for the project.

Can you protect my payments? 
We have an escrow process where for a small fee your payment is protected. The client is asked to park funds towards the payment due with Vulpith. The previews are made available to the client for review and approval in a secured environment. Physical files are not provided. Once the work is approved, the files are made available to the client and the payment is released to you.

How can I convince my client that my work is of good quality?
While we agree that there could be some subjectivity involved, we provide some free tools like templates and checklists which can help both client and freelancer/agency to ensure that a fair level of quality is understood and maintained.

Is there a mechanism which ensures that project requirements are clear at the beginning? 
Vulpith offers business analysis and requirement engineering services as required. However, some of the templates and check lists can also be used for free.

What if I don't want to use any of your special features? 
You can still use the platform with all its basic features for free. But the entire risk of the payment and other work related losses would rest with you. Vulpith would have no responsibility and will not be liable for the final outcomes.

What are Advanced Filters? 
With Advanced filters you can set your preferred countries and projects pricing range, only from the selected countries and range projects will be appear in your Project Search.

What is matched Percentage? 
Match Percentage for each project indicating that, the project have been matched that much % for your job profile. Our algorithm used various parameters like categories, skills, experience, hourly rate, industry preferences etc..

How do I Sign Up?
Just click on the Sign Up button on the home page or Sign Up here

What is the advantage of using Vulpith as a agency company?
Vulpith treats agencies differently from freelancers. When a project is posted asking for multiple resources, such project is accessible only to a agency company and not for individual freelancers. This automatically ensures that most of the large projects with multiple resource requirements are available exclusively to agencies. However you still can submit proposals for single job type projects, if the client is open to work with Agencies.

Can I create virtual teams using Vulpith? 
A agency can create his virtual team using Vulpith by allocating multiple resources to a single project.

Can a agency really compete with freelancers for projects?
Vulpith agrees that it does not make sense for a agency to compete with a freelancer for small projects. However, for large projects we provide exclusive access to agencies where a freelancer will not be able to deliver. This way, we ensure that both agencies and freelancers have enough work.

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