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Here is how you can use Vulpith and why it is far better than the current platforms

Freelancing involves versatile responsibilities, and freelancing platforms are a lucrative way to build a career in this industry. It takes time for beginners to build a thriving career as a freelancer, but eventually, the results are evident if you work hard. Vulpith is an excellent way to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as there are requirements for different types of expertise. This gives an opportunity for every freelancer to grow irrespective of the domain.

Many businesses offer projects based on portfolios rather than asking for a resume. Most of them are interested in independent professionals than hiring a permanent employee. We get many clients with the requirement for diverse topics related to different industries. Hence, the flow of projects is always consistent for each domain. Whether you are a beginner or an expert Vulpith is a platform which will support you in building your credibility and in accumulating a body of work which elevates your portfolio. Also, Vulpith can help freelancers to establish more professional connections on social media, as they can showcase their body of work and experience confidently and effectively.


If you are looking for more work as a full-time freelancer or as a part-time freelancer who wishes to earn something extra, then this is an apt platform which can provide you virtually a countless number of projects. Even if you are a busy professional loaded with projects from your own clients, this platform will help you get exposure and empower you to write for multiple industries and varying requirements. Also, the key to be a successful freelancer is having a backup option to continue working so that there won't be any disruption in the flow of income.

Always remember that getting started with a freelance career is really easy when you have enough work in hand. People who are always on the lookout for more work and can deliver consistent output are always welcome on our platform. Here, we promise you high volumes of work which will not only generate stable revenue but also help you in polishing your skills and improve the quality of your work. We will always support and solve all your concerns regarding your projects so that you feel secure when you rely on us. We also respect your privacy, and hence we never reveal your personal details to any of our clients.

A long-term collaboration is what we expect from our freelancers, and we are open to all kinds of suggestions if there are any issues while working on Vulpith. For us, both clients and freelancers are equally important. We look forward to having talented freelancers who can represent our platform. We wish to help more and more people to launch a successful career through our platform. Even the established freelancers can have an array of projects day in, day out at good rates. Whether you are a content writer, designer, developer or a business development executive, we have room for everyone.

Below mentioned is the procedure to sign up in Vulpith as a Freelancer:

Compared to most of the freelance sites, Vulpith has the easiest sign-up method which won't take much of your time. It hardly takes 5 minutes to complete the formalities, and once you receive a notification which confirms your job profile, you are all set to explore one of the most reliable freelance online portals. You can either sign-up by filling the details or use social media logins like Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn profile and later continue filling up the job profile following the below instructions.

Step 1: To sign up as a Freelancer, you begin by clicking on "Looking For A Job"


Step 2: Choose whether you are an "Individual" or an "Agency"

Step 3: Start filling the details by setting a unique password or just Sign-up through your Facebook or Google or LinkedIn account

Benefits of being a member of the Vulpith family

Most of us are looking forward to building a career which offers financial security.But do we all have a freedom while indulging ourselves in this process? This is where many people start thinking of abandoning their 9-5 job for freelancing in whichever craft or skill-set they love to pursue.Here we have unlimited possibilities in different domains for you to choose.


We believe times have changed as far as a convenient way of earning money is concerned. Today, there are people who believe in doing what they love or making a career out of their interests, rather than just following what everyone is doing. Doesn't this seem like the right time to jump onto something more interesting than continuing something for the sake of pleasing others? These are just a few reasons why many freelancing platforms have emerged over the years and have gained immense attention these days. Let us go through a few reasons how "Vulpith" came into existence as a thriving freelance platform.

Tackling issues while working virtually

We have analyzed a few major problems which arise while working online, and these issues have the potential to make one lose faith in the overall idea of working through a freelance website. These are different issues faced by both sides of this business. For instance, clients worry about their confidential data, delayed delivery or compromising with the quality of work. On the other hand, freelancers are concerned about their payment getting delayed or waste of time due to lack of clarity in the requirement. We wanted to build a platform which will not only solve these problems but also prevent them from arising.

We firmly believe that the main strength or stability of any business lies in the long-term relationship with the people who collaborate and work with it. Hence, we are much more careful about avoiding future consequences for everyone who have believed in our platform.

The limitation in finding new talent

This is another reality of today's world which limits the opportunity to discover unique talents around the globe. Most of the clients approach our platform with an expectation to find new professionals who will take their work seriously. They are not just interested in working with people around them, as they want to explore more possibilities by landing on a freelancing portal. Hence, your quest to find new projects is over when you come to Vulpith. We provide a platform for skilled people with commitment towards work. The best part of our freelancers website is that we are focused on your skills and ability to meet deadlines with quality in work. It doesn't really matter which part of the world you work from!

Eliminating the misconceptions about outsourcing

The corporate world is leaning towards outsourcing as it has started experiencing the benefits of taking it as a long-term plan. This alleviates the cost of training employees, hiring full time professionals, leverages technology for a better outcome, and guarantees quality result without any dispute. Hence, there is no need for freelancers to get insecure about the consistency of their earning. Clients are more interested in a no strings attached work environment rather than carrying the burden of impossible promises made to candidates during the hiring process. Apart from all of this, we have the best support team to resolve all the concerns from both clients and freelancers. Our team is trained to maintain clear communication between both parties while keeping the essential details confidential.

Service fees and bidding issues

A few current platforms work on fixed bid so there is hardly any scope for negotiation. Those platforms are costlier compared to Vulpith. At Vulpith the charges are only 5% which is the lowest service fees charged, when compared to all other freelance sites. Other Freelance sites have a vast network of developers, and this makes it impossible for beginners to get their first project. Also, it is only appropriate for doing projects on hourly rate basis as there are chances that you may incur a loss with the efforts that you put in the project. Every month you will get 60 connects (2 connects to each project) for bidding purpose.
Hence it is essential to use it wisely so that you earn good projects before you are left without any connects. Because of unlimited bidding or a massive number of freelancers bidding on the same project, many clients tend to reduce the price, and this leads to degrading of quality. At Vulpith, the project is awarded purely on merits and hence, the price can be negotiated depending on the work. Most of the freelance platforms charge 10-20% of service fees or charge or service fee a monthly membership fee and freelancers usually end up making losses. But at Vulpith the membership is entirely free, and the fees for each project is paid after deduction of a minimal amount of service fees (5%) with unlimited access to bidding.

Less chances of getting a project

Although other sites are large marketplaces with clients from diverse industries, they are best suited for smaller jobs from the perspective of a freelancer. The chances of a successful bid are very less, as it ultimately depends on the rating of your profile. Another drawback is that you only have limited free bids, and you need to be a paid member if you wish to continue bidding. Vulpith has no such terms where the freelancer is forced to pay for getting projects. Some of them are only for senior developers and most of the users are expected to pass a complicated test. These are some of the costliest freelance websites. In contraction, Vulpith is a secure platform for freelancers of every level of proficiency. We prioritize quality and on time delivery.

Note: - Even though there are many freelance platforms available, the biggest drawback is the plethora of issues that freelancers face once they sign-up. At Vulpith we have addressed all these possible issues.

What makes you a successful freelance writer on Vulpith?

If you are planning to kick-start your freelance career, then you should have a few qualities to sustain, and this includes being professional and meeting deadlines, excellent communication skills, unbeatable at problem-solving and being honest. These few essential traits will take you a long way towards a successful freelance career.

As a freelancer, there are specific responsibilities and challenges that come your way. This actually makes the journey more interesting, as you become a well-trained and professional freelancer while working with Vulpith.

As a freelancer, your priority should be to find the right projects in which you can assure on-time delivery and get paid well. We make sure that you get the best-matched projects based on your profile. You can always edit and update your profile as you grow as a freelancer on our site.

While it is highly convenient to work with us, there is a possibility of facing certain challenges at individual levels. The only thing which will bother you as a freelancer is getting continuous work to sustain your life style. Getting a perfect flow of projects on a constant basis is a need when you work as a full-time freelancer. At Vulpith we prioritize this issue, but partially it also the duty of the freelancer to maintain a good record in terms of quality and punctuality, which are critical success factors for freelancing.

Clients expect value for each project in order to make sure that they are getting an outcome worth their money. It is essential to deliver with added value as we rate the freelancers on the basis of the value and not just merely on completing the project. We always acknowledge and reward your commitment generously.

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