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looking for manager

looking for experts who can work and execute projects....

Categories: Business Analysis and Planning
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Idea Validation & Market Research Analysis

We are in the process of building a startup business in the e-commerce industry. The idea has been conceptualized but we needed a professional services firm to help us in doing market analysis and re...

Categories: Market Research and Analysis
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Banking & Financial Services

Need to address/pin point problems from Specified domains and problems. Pick few more important critical problems to focus on.I have set of 100 problems I need to select the most toughest and critica...

Categories: Business Analysis and Planning Business Mentoring Business Presentation Preparation
Est.  ?  / Hourly
Est.  Duration: less than 1week

Landing page for a freelance marketplace platform

Looking for a web designer/developer who can create marketing landing pages. Should have prior experience and should be able to create innovative, professional and attractive landing pages which shou...

Categories: Landing Page Design
Skills: ADO.Net CSS3 HTML5
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Content creation and verification

Quality content for website needs to be added and verify the existing content as per the service offerings of the company....

Categories: Data Processing and Enrichment
Skills: Microsoft Word
Est.  ?  / Fixed
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