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Marketing and Sales Executive for DNA Testing Lab

Maitocon Laboratory, based on Tiruppur is having a specialized Real TIme PCR setup which performs various segments of Blood test on RTPCR technology. We need a strong and fast learning sales execut...

Categories: Lead Generation Sales Promotion
Skills: Communication
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Technical Support Consultant

1. Excellent knowledge in Desktop level trouble shooting 2. Knowledge in deploying Antivirus agent 3. Basic knowledge in McAfee EPO 4. Good communications skills ...

Est.  ?  / Fixed

Applock for android

I want a android app look app with my admob add code...

Categories: Android
Skills: Java
Est.  ?  / Fixed

JAVA DEVELOPER to develop Dashboard

Looking for JAVA Developer who is having good experience in DESKTOP Application development & Dashboard development. I have attached sample dashboard. Database Oracle ...

Categories: Desktop Application
Skills: Adv Java Core Java
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Lead generation for ecommerce portal

Lead generation for ecommerce platform by calling the prospect...

Categories: Lead Generation
Skills: Objection Handling
Est.  ?  / Fixed
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