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Sales for Saas product

We are A Saas product based company based in Pune,IN and looking for some freelancers to increase our user base in Malaysia by making small business owners aware about our product talking them one to...

Categories: Sales Promotion
Skills: Communication Time Management
Est.  ?  / Fixed

Looking for Sales Guru

Sales for Toner & Ink Cartridge , Want to made money...

Categories: Sales Promotion
Skills: Deal Closing Techniques
Est.  ?  / Hourly
Est.  Duration: More than 6 months

Marketing and Sales Executive for DNA Testing Lab

Maitocon Laboratory, based on Tiruppur is having a specialized Real TIme PCR setup which performs various segments of Blood test on RTPCR technology. We need a strong and fast learning sales execut...

Categories: Lead Generation Sales Promotion
Skills: Communication
Est.  ?  / Fixed
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