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Cryptocurrency Writer
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India , Chandigarh
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Job Title : Cryptocurrency Writer
A content strategist with a proven track record of editorial innovation across platforms. Aman Bhardwaj had worked with various brands to build audiences and drive profitability. He is recognized for his creative vision, his talent for storytelling, his expertise in food, technology, travel, lifestyle, and his leadership skills. He is currently working with brands name Reputation Planners. Simultaneously, he contributes to various media outlets and magazines. He has also been a travel writer and editor. He loves writing and enjoy the process of creating content - demonstrates through his leadership, reputations, stimulates conversations. He keeps himself up to date with the latest digital trends, in particular, SEO best practice and the role of content within that complex system. He believes that it is the power of words that influence his readers. The passion of exploring new horizons in content marketing, spreading valuable knowledge drives him forward. Key skills: - Content marketing strategy and development including copywriting and editing e.g. articles, white papers, case studies etc. - PR and marketing communications - Digital marketing - Social media strategy and implementation - SEO best practice - Content management and support
Skills : Creative Content Writing Excellent research and learning skills Experience with online marketing and lead generation Familiarity with keyword placement and other SEO best practices Impeccable spelling and grammar
Categories : Content Writing - All varieties
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Information Technology
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