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Job Title : Full-Stack Web Developer ( c#)
Most entrepreneurs have great talents and I hate seeing you being overwhelmed with too many tasks. Iâ??d be happy to see you focusing 100% on how you can generate income with your business. Let me help you. =) While I can be the all-around guy (since I love self-learning), Iâ??d rather provide you with my core service which Iâ??ve been effectively doing for some time. I can help youâ?¦. â?? Develop your web existence using WordPress/ â?? provide a web platform to grow your business â?? upload content on WordPress â?? create blog and social media graphics - Enhancement of your existing web platform with new features Here are some of the tools that I normally use, but not limited to: â?? Gmail â?? Google Docs/Sheets/Drive â?? WordPress â?? Canva â?? Photoshop CS3 â?? visual studio â?? Visual studio code â?? notepad++ â?? Team viewer â?? Evernote â?? Skype â?? Time Doctor I want to share instead how I learned WordPress, blogging, web development ,graphic & Web designing through years of self-help study and application. And every single day, Iâ??d wake up determined to be better than yesterday â?? I donâ??t settle for good, I want to be great. Once you hire me, expect me to help your business like Iâ??m growing it as my own. Your happiness and business growth are my ultimate goals (as cheesy as it may sound, but yes, Iâ??ll be the happiest seeing you right on that top spot). If you think that I am a right fit for your team (I hope you would..), then just click on that white â??contactâ? button in the top right corner of this page so you can reach me. I would love to hear from you.
Skills : ADO.Net Adobe Photoshop Asp.Net Asp.Net MVC Bootstrap CSS3 HTML HTML5 SQL
Categories : Application Testing Cloud Application CMS Integration Desktop Application e-Commerce Landing Page Design Migrating to Cloud UI/UX Design Web Application
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Banking and Financial
Health care
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
Event Management
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