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Job Title : Looking for a SEO marketing specialist. Need a consultation and proposal.
Monitor Business Reviews & Mentions: Lead Management has never been easier than this. Track website form fill-ups and live chat interactions potential leads have with your business â?? all in one place. Client Surveys: Surveys are great way for you to learn about their customer base. Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. Project Management: Get a birdâ??s eye view of whats happening with your account in real time with Project Management. Mobile App: Check the status of pending and completed activities, current rankings and website traffic on the go with our proprietary Mobile App. Automated Weekly SEO Reports: Track Search Engine positions including Google mobile rankings, website audit, local visibility, form leads and other important KPIâ??s via our automated weekly SEO reports. Future Proof SEO Tactics: A lot of white label SEO vendors use outdated and spammy SEO tactics like using blog comments, forum posts, submitting single article into multiple article directories â?? thatâ??s not us. Site Uptime Monitoring: Is your website up when visitors come to your website? We monitor your website 24x7 and give you weekly reports so that you can change your hosting if there are any problems. Competitive Pricing: Our pricing is at least 5 to 10 times better than our competition. A few local companies might offer you a cheaper package, but check out how many man hours they spend on your project.
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