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38 Single No Kids, Love Cooking, Love History, Studying The Bible, Shameless, Writing, Watching Movies, Listening To Music
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English - Advanced
High School Dilpoma at Paul M Dorman High
United States | 1995 - 1999
Associates at North Florida
United States | 2000 - 2002
Male |    Experience (Yrs) : 4
United States , Jacksonville - Florida -
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Job Title : Website Creator, Blogger, Freelance Writer, App Developer
3 years writing for Folio Weekly. Former assistant editor for Victims Advocate. 4 years web design experience. Social Media Blogger and YouTube Vlogger
Skills : A profound understanding of users of this content and what motivates them Creative Content Writing Excellent research and learning skills Great narration/story telling skills Impeccable spelling and grammar
Categories : Article Writing Blog Writing Content Writing - All varieties Copy Writing Press Release and Media Slogan Development writer
Served or Interested Industries
Banking and Financial
Communications, Media and Information
Consumer Goods and Services
Public Services
Retail and Wholesale
Food and Beverages
Aerospace and Defence
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