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Job Title : Creative Content Writer, Macro VBA Developer, GAS coder, MCQs question maker, Writing solutions for Maths, Chemistry Textbooks
Creative Content Writer- Written around 100 articles on a wide range of topics on how to make a coffee using French press, travels tips to Africa, personal loans, forex, chess lessons for an entrepeneur and and many more. Macro VBA Developer - VBA scripts for scraping data, for making invoices, estimation tools and many complicated formulas for streaks GAS Coder- Script for conditional evaluation of form responses, merging sheets and creating new sheets based on some condition. MCQs - 2000 MCQs with explanation for GMAT, GRE, NATA in the Quantitative, Verbal, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning. 100 MCQs on various topics like Artificial Intelligence, Eximbills, Solar Panel Installation Technician, Siebel, Adobe Flex and many more Writing solutions for Maths, Chemistry Textbooks - 300 solutions for both maths and chemistry
Skills : Creative Content Writing Excellent research and learning skills
Categories : Article Writing content
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Information Technology
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