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Job Title : Freelancer for MAINFRAME Applications/Administrations. And also PMI/ IBM-Websphere/MQ-series, DB2-DBA.
15+ years of MAINFRAME Technology experience, which involves 13.5 years in Training (Corporate Training, Training,Freelancer) in Chennai based training organisation. Now working as a freelance Consultant & Trainer. I conduct training in the following areas. 1. CICS - focus on Application Programming b) CICS supplied transactions 2. DB2 - focus on SQL, Stored Procedures, Application Programming b) DB2 Tools 3. IMS DB - focus on Application Programming (incl. Utilities) 4. IMS DC - focus on Application Programming 5. PL/I 7. COBOL 8. JCL (incl. Utilities) 9. VSAM 10. MVS / z/OS 11. ISPF 12. TSO 13. Mainframe Application Testing and Debugging (Batch and Online, with and without tools, Analyzing Abend Dumps) 14. Using Tools :File-Aid , Xpeditor, Abend-Aid I conduct training for the following categories: 1) for experienced Mainframe people who need to be cross-trained in other Mainframe areas 2) for experienced Mainframe people who need guidance for their technical difficulties 3) for entry level for freshers. 4) for experienced IT people coming to work on Mainframe technologies for the first time as software developers / testers 5) Personnel guided for Team-lead and Project-Manager & Seniors also. Specialties: Hard working person, Work according to situation , Complete my work on time, Punctual.
Skills : Performance Tuning
Categories : Application Architecture Design
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Banking and Financial
Information Technology
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