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Job Title : I'm a SEO, SEM, SMM and PPC expert
Iâ??m not one of those people that call themselves an â??SEO and PPC expertâ? and I wonâ??t make promises I canâ??t keep. What I will do is provide a high quality service that rivals any mid-size agency. Iâ??m a Kolkata based freelancer an advanced knowledge of online marketing. I am a degital marketing expert. I will design every online marketing and deploy them as per clients business goal.My main target is my clients business. So every move will give them opportunity to increase their business goal. I'm a dedicated one to satisfy my client with my work and behavior.
Categories : Adwords Planning Google Adsense Google Adwords Setup SEM-Search Engine Marketing SEO-Search Engine Optimization SMM-Social Media Marketing/Advertising
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