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Job Title : Creative, content & scriptwriter
Writing is an art, an art of creating masterpieces when the pen is put on paper. Let me help you create yours. Experienced in writing well researched, informative and engaging content on topics ranging from science, lifestyle, health, music, and more. As a writer, I have been working with budding directors and cinematographers to help them write, develop and/or refine scripts and screenplays. Fluent in English (U.S. and U.K.) and has been editing and proofreading articles and blogs for independent online article writers and bloggers. Hire me if you need any kind of content written concisely, conversationally, and with accurate grammar throughout. Be it for any purpose, ranging from screenplays to creative fiction or simple essays to the more professional articles. I am very much flexible when it comes to working hours. As your expectations are my goal, all the effort will be put to exceed your expectations which, in turn, will keep me happy!
Skills : writing
Categories : creative script content
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Communications, Media and Information
Life Sciences
Information Technology
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