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Job Title : Video Producer - 2D Animation, Live Action, Corporaite Films, Solution Films, Explainer Films, Solution Films, CSR Videos, Testimonials
We are a boutique firm, we hand stitch Corporate films to suit our customers' requirements. We convert input from our customers into output as films, and also think of the outcome that our customers can derive. We write scripts, storyboard, and render effective video solutions for corporate and marketing stories that generate a visual and emotional impact. We have worked with top MNCs such as Wipro, Tata Communications, Cognizant, TechM and even startups for their brand films.
Skills : Adobe After Effects CC Adobe Audition Adobe Capture CC Adobe Character Animator
Categories : 2D Animation Videos Video Editing Video Manipulation Visual Effects
Served or Interested Industries
Banking and Financial
Health care
Communications, Media and Information
Life Sciences
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
Information Technology
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