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Job Title : Market Research Analyst
Market Research, Data Mining & Data Analysis, Company Analysis, Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Company Profiling, Secondary Research, overall generation and maintenance of the correct data to assist and support sales team, Social Media Marketing, Link Building and Lead Generation. Good exposure in research & analysis of Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies as well as other businesses. Exposure in collecting, summarizing and analyzing the information available on the internet for the optimum & best use. Gathering, organizing, distributing and maintaining data and providing critical analysis in order to provide strategic assessments of the competitive environment, trends, current performance and market opportunities. Specialties: Market Research Secondary Research Data mining & Data Analysis Database Maintenance Company Profiling Industry Analysis Market Analysis Prospect Targeting Online marketing Social Media marketing Internet Research Off Page Optimization o Business Databases like OneSource,Hoovers, Spoke, Jigsaw, ZoomInfo, Kompass, Factiva, Bloomberg etc. o CRM Tools like
Skills : Gaining Commitment Post-Sale Relationship Management Time Management
Categories : Lead Generation Market Feedback Market Research and Analysis
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Banking and Financial
Automotive and Industrial
Information Technology
Transportation and Logistics
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