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Job Title : Ex-Research Analyst (E-commerce Market/Segmentation in India) | Present: Member, Bharat Inclusion Initiative, CIIE, IIM-A
Writing articles, proofreading, preparing decks, making the documents worth a look is what I've done on a daily basis for the past 2 years. Currently, I write and handle operations for Financial Inclusion and Startup projects organised at CIIE.
Skills : Creative Content Writing Current trendings and future directions of the business for which you are writing content Excellent research and learning skills Experience with online marketing and lead generation Great narration/story telling skills
Categories : Article Writing Blog Writing Case Studies Copy Writing Editing and Proof Reading Presentations/Slideshare Product Descriptions and Manuals Slogan Development
Served or Interested Industries
Capital Markets
Automotive and Industrial
Consumer Goods and Services
Energy and Utilities
Food and Beverages
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
Consumer Durables
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