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BA(hons) Design at Pearl Academy
India | 2011 - 2015
Male |    Experience (Yrs) : 4
India , Gurgaon -
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Job Title : Creative content Writer & Graphic Artist
I am Varun Murli, I am a Fashion Designer with a BA (Hons) Degree from one of the premier institute of the world. My articles will be SEO optimized and plagiarism free. I have been writing articles, blog post, content for social media platforms since my graduation years. I am always out on the look for diversity, different cultures and people of different ethnic background all the time. I come from diverse ethnicities and have a wide knowledge of the different types of religions and customs around the globe. Multilingual and cosmopolitan is what I would call myself. I am a driven individual who is passionate about sports, Designing, Reading, Traveling and Theatre.
Skills : Creative Content Writing Excellent research and learning skills Familiarity with keyword placement and other SEO best practices Great narration/story telling skills
Categories : Content Writing - All varieties
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Retail and Wholesale
Event Management
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