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BA(hons) Design at Pearl Academy
India | 2011 - 2015
Male |    Experience (Yrs) : 5
India , Gurgaon -
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Job Title : Graphic Artist
I am Varun Murli, I am a fashion designer and freelance Artist, living in New Delhi. I am a process orientated person who specializes in design details and silhouette development and makes prints and graphics I have a keen eye for detail and professionalism which reflects in my work. I have been working and freelancing for over 5 years now with Fashion Designers / Artists / Graphic Setup / Social Media and Marketing
Skills : Adobe Acrobat Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Illustrator
Categories : 2D Graphics 3D Graphics Brochure Flyer and Leaflet Business Card Covers and Pages Displays and Posters Flex Boards Logo Pamphlets Presentations/PPTs
Served or Interested Industries
Consumer Goods and Services
Retail and Wholesale
Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism
Event Management
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