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Associates Degree at CVCC College
Japan | 2007 - 2008
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Japan , Tokyo -
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Job Title : Graphic Designer & Professional Bilingual Translator
I have 10+ years of experience in Graphic Design and Translation experience, I have worked for various companies such as Design Crowd, 99 Designs, Unbabel, Proz, Translators Town, Translation Directory, Star Translation Services, and Stepes. My areas of expertise are Illustration, Animation, Sketching, Photo Editing, and more. Finance, Automotive, MT Editing, Legal, Law, Proofreading, Voiceover and more. My Languages are Both English and Japanese and My source and target languages are both Japanese and English.
Skills : Book Keeping Legal Translation Technical Translation Financial Translation Voice-Over Proofreading and Editing
Categories : Illustration Translation Legal Finance Automotive Writing Animation
Served or Interested Industries
Banking and Financial
Automotive and Industrial
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