Guaranteed Pay

It's time to celebrate with Vulpith's Guaranteed Pay

Guaranteed pay for your work, even if client doesn't pay

After you put lots of efforts in understanding, analyzing the project requirements or after you show the preview of your work suddenly your client might not respond. In such cases, you don't know what to do and all your efforts might go waste. When you try to contact the platform on which you have worked on the project, they might say that they cannot give you pay back as it is a known risk and is mentioned in their T&C.

In some other cases, Client pays you and once you deliver the source files, the client then files a back charge with his/her credit card company and the platform comes to you and take that money citing the same reasons as client filed a charge-back.

Now its time to celebrate. Vulpith is a new type of platform to take care of your payment worries for the work you do.

At Vulpith, we will pay you for the work you delivered/worked even if your client either doesn't pay or filed a back-charge.

For you to be eligible for such payments, you must be a subscribed member. Subscribed members are eligible for more other benefits as well. Know more here.

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