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Background Verification
Back Ground Check

  • Vulpith performs multiple levels of antecedent verification, free to the initial levels and as a paid service based on the extent of verification required.
  • Vulpith ensures that all the projects are posted by customers who have been subjected to basic due diligence. This reduces the risk of low quality projects being posted.
  • Can you really trust them with your project or with your effort/ skills.
At Vulpith, you can!

A multi-level authentication is recommended by Vulpith. Some of the verification is carried out by a third party. Following levels of verification can be requested by self or opponent

Levels of Verifications For Freelancers / Agencies Fees
Level-1 Identity Verification FREE
Level-2 Past Portfolio Verification 16.6 for non-Indian Freelancers/Agencies
Level-3 Educational & Certification verification 16.6 for non-Indian Freelancers/Agencies
Level-4 Physical Address Verification 16.6 for non-Indian Freelancers/Agencies

  • If the verification is successful, we indicate it in your profile that you are "Level-X Authenticated".
  • If the FREE verification fails, we will disable your access to the platform.
  • For better chances of getting hired or getting best Freelancers/Agencies, we strongly recommend you do the verification process by self initiating it.
  • Go ahead and get this verification done either for self or for your client/ freelancer/agency. Click here!

Cloud Workspaces(DaaS)

General Benefits of Cloud Workspaces(DaaS)

  • Vulpith understands that some of the high end software tools for special projects can be prohibitively expensive. We can help you manage that with a fraction of those cost.
  • Vulpith helps create a comprehensive work breakdown and itemized tracking of the project till completion. This ensures that both the parties are comfortable with the progress.
  • In Vulpith's Private Virtual Workspace Environment, we bring you a Cloud Workspace(DaaS) as a value-added service. If you opt for Cloud Workspace(DaaS), we provide desktop environment and the necessary software on pay per use basis, which solves all the above-mentioned problems, while drastically reducing the costs involved and dramatically improving the information security and Confidential Data protection.

Benefits to Clients
  • Vulpith ensures that you have a provision to protect your Confidential data, irrespective of where your service providers (freelancers/agencies/remote employees) are accessing from.
  • Vulpith enables all the service providers to protect their integrity and confidentiality commitments. You just need not worry about it at all.

Benefits to Service Providers
  • Vulpith takes care of the data protection and backup requirements so that you would never lose your work and end up wasting your precious time with redoing the same.

Avail this path breaking easy to use service for your project right now! Click here!

Cloud Workspaces are powered by Amazon Web Services(AWS)
Click here to know how cloud workspaces works

Access Anywhere
Escrow Protection
Payment Protection

  • If you are a service provider to a remote customer, how do you ensure that your dues are paid in time? Your work is not used without paying you.
  • If you are a client looking to get your work done from a remote agency/freelancer, how do you ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction before you release the payment? How do you ensure the agency/freelancer stick to you to complete all the agreed milestones of your project?
  • This is one of the fundamental challenges which hamper smooth transaction for both parties. We understand this and thus we offer to protect the interests of both the parties.
  • Escrow protection is available to opt at each Project/Job Profile level. When you opt for this, only then you can have a choice to opt for working with Cloud Workspaces(DaaS).

How it works?
  • Once client hire Agency/Freelancer and accepted by other party, the client add milestones needed and deposit first milestone amount with Vulpith.
  • Then Agency/Freelancer start working on the project and the completed work product is accessed by client for review, in a Review Only mode.
  • These work products cannot be copied or down loaded.
  • Once client accept the preview, he/she releases the payment which was deposited.
  • Then Agency/Freelancer uploads source documents into Vulpith.
  • After the source files are reviewed and confirmed by Client, the fee is deposited in Agency/Freelancer account by Vulpith.
  • This transparent process helps protect the interests of both, Client and Agency/Freelancer, mitigating the payment and delivery risks.
  • Sign Up for Escrow protection services here.

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